Other Spatial Information Services | We, Aero Asahi Corp. (AAC), provide emergency medical services, flying cars, air mobility, surveying, aerial laser, and GIS services.

Other Spatial Information Services

Image:Other Spatial Information Services

Utilizing high accuracy spatial data in various industries

In the field of spatial information provision service, we use state-of-the-art digital sensors such as lasers and
echo soundin to create and provide high- accuracy spatial data that combines analysis technology with measuring technologies
(airborne lidar survey,mobile mapping system, submarine topographic survey, etc.) suited to the intended use.

In addition to use in infrastructure development of roads, water supply and sewerage systems, gas, electricity, etc.,
the data contributes widely to support for disaster management in the form of hazard maps, location information for evacuation routes, etc.
It also underpins support for smart cities.

We are also a leading company in the field of systems that enable fixed asset evaluation through maps.

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