Other Aviation Business | We, Aero Asahi Corp. (AAC), provide emergency medical services, flying cars, air mobility, surveying, aerial laser, and GIS services.

Aviation Business

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  • photo: Emergency Medical Service

    Emergency Medical Service

    We provide emergency medical services by helicopter, popularly known as ‘Doctor-Heli,’ and we have flight crews and doctors on standby at more than 10 base hospitals across Japan. Unlike other countries, medical crews including doctors and nurses always fly with Doctor-Heli. Reducing the time for initial treatment in this way can significantly increase survival rates.

  • photo:Aerial Spraying

    Aerial Spraying

    While unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are becoming more common these days than it was before, our helicopters play an important role in protecting nature and agricultural crops.

  • photo: Cargo Transport

    Cargo Transport

    Since our establishment in 1955, we have grown along with increased demand for transportation of goods.Cargo Transport occupies an important position in our history.During the period of Japan’s high economic growth, we were involved in numerous difficult projects, including the construction of high-voltage power lines in mountainous areas and the construction of hydroelectric power plants and dams.We have successfully completed many difficult projects. One particularly challenging project that we participated in was a project to transport a radar dome for weather observations to the summit of Mt. Fuji where weather conditions are poor.

  • photo: TV News Reporting

    TV News Reporting

    News footage is an integral part of TV news reporting. Live video helps us instantly grasp what is happening at the scene and provides useful information for our daily lives. We work with several TV broadcasters throughout Japan and in response to requests from news centers, we capture live footage using the latest equipment.

  • photo: Aircraft Maintenance and Parts Sales

    Aircraft Maintenance and Parts Sales

    We are a JCAB certificated aircraft maintenance operator and also an authorized service center given the official license of maintenance by aircraft manufacturing companies. With direct and close communication with the manufacturers, we provide accurate maintenance service with up-to-date information.
    Additionally, we are an authorized Sikorsky parts distributor.

  • photo: Aircraft Management and Operation

    Aircraft Management and Operation

    We offer comprehensive support for the operation of civilian and government aircraft through our operation management, maintenance and hangar services. With our extensive experience and sophisticated technologies, we provide appropriate management and safe aviation services.

  • photo: Survey and Observation

    Survey and Observation

    Helicopters offer a wider field of view than fixed-wing aircraft. We meet the need for accurate information from the sky that is required for regional development, area marketing, etc. Additionally, we work with power companies to survey and inspect power lines and ensure uninterrupted power transmission in order to avoid disrupted power supplies that can be life-threatening. We are also a pioneer in LiDAR operation in Japan.

  • photo: Offshore Transport

    Offshore Transport

    With the growing interest in seabed resources such as oil, gas and rare earths, we have increased our flights to oil rigs and research vessels.We are the only operator in Japan that offers offshore transport by helicopter and we are providing a service on daily basis.

  • photo: Heliport Consulting

    Heliport Consulting

    We provide consulting services for heliport construction planning and design. With our many years of experience in flight operation, we can help you build a heliport which suits your needs while avoiding negative impacts on the surrounding environment.We are a certified civil engineering consultant.