As the No. 1 comprehensive aviation service company in the industry, we offer a wide range of services including helicopter rescue, information collection for reporting, cargo transport, outsourced flight, maintenance as well as training.
Regarding business jets, we have been offering both domestic and international charter flights for large enterprise customers.

Our services are not limited to Japan. We extend our services to neighboring Asian countries such as Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan. 
Business jets can also be combined with private helicopters and together they allow you to fly from designated point to your destination. We spare no efforts to assist busy business travelers in making use of their time more effectively.

About Our Services

  • Our Aircrafts and Onboard Facilities

    Our Aircrafts and Onboard Facilities

    We offer an aircraft that suits your requests.

  • Flight Area

    Flight Area

    Both arrival at /departure from major domestic airports are possible, including places where scheduled flights do not exist.

  • Helicopter Charter

    Helicopter Charter

    In addition to the private jet charter, we offer helicopter charter. You can fully customize the itinerary according to your schedule.

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Safety Measures


We are IS-BAO certified operator and IS-BAH certified handler meeting the same level of safety standards adopted by other airlines.

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Aviation Safety Initiatives
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