Company Profile | We, Aero Asahi Corp. (AAC), provide emergency medical services, flying cars, air mobility, surveying, aerial laser, and GIS services.

About us

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About Us

Aero Asahi Corp. (AAC) provides aviation services via helicopters and business jets as well as spatial information services mainly in the form of map information.
We are also engaged in international cooperation using the latest technology, primarily through ODA projects.

Message from the president and CEO

In the changing aero aviation and spatial information business fields,
we all members of Aero Asahi Group will continue to our challenges
to survive and maintain beneficial position to society,
confirming our commitment since our pioneers such as "Safety and Sustainability” and "To the sky, For the Future".

My name is Hiroshi Kato, and I was assigned to the position of President and CEO on June 29, 2022.
I would like to thank you for your continuous understanding and support to us Aero Asahi.

With the support of all stake holders, Aero Asahi Corporation has celebrated its 67th anniversary and has continued to contribute to the development and maintenance of the social infrastructure and living environment, through our aero aviation and geospatial information businesses.
General Aviation has become some matured conditions, but we are now facing the midst of change, such as over rap between manned and unmanned aircraft operations, the dramatic evolution of satellite imaging technology, the emergence of the "flying car," called as the revolution in the skies, and the development of new technologies that combine our accumulated surveying and spatial information technologies with our MAAS/CONNECTED technologies.
We also must recognize these changes not as headwind but as tailwind, and flexibly change our business model itself to survive.
Therefore, for the next several years, we will focus on the current business model change from the perspective of "defending, stopping, and changing”, determining our strengths and weaknesses by product and domain, and judge to what we should allocate our precious business resources, in order to contribute to society increasing our company value.

We are proud that our mission as "To the sky for the future" means our business as “Fly, Transport, Survey and Draw the future vision”

I commit myself to contribute and strive my all efforts to making sure that Aero Asahi Corporation continuously evolve, our employees are motivated and proud of their work, being selected as the progressive and leading company.
We will really appreciate your continuous patronage, support, and guidance.

President and CEO, Aero Asahi Corp.

President and CEO, Aero Asahi Corp.President and CEO, Aero Asahi Corp.

Company Profile

Address Headquarters Tokyo Heliport 4-7-41 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 136-0082


Aviation Business
Tokyo Heliport 4-7-41 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 136-0082


Spatial Information
Business Headquarters
3-14-4 Minamidai, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan 350-1165
TEL 81-49-244-4817


Founded July 20, 1955
Capital 3,192.5 million
Principle shareholder Toyota Motor Corporation
Representative President Hiroshi Kato
Employees 1,310 (As of Apr 2023)
Businesses Aviation Business In the aviation business, as a pioneer in the helicopter and business jet operations in Japan, we offer a wide range of comprehensive aviation services, including passenger transportation, pilot training and aerial photography.
In recent years, we have also focused on developing and expanding the eVTOL air mobility market.
Spatial Information
In the spatial information business, we create and provide highly accurate geospatial data by combining measurement technologies (aerial LiDAR surveying, mobile mapping systems, underwater acoustic exploration, etc.) that utilize the latest digital sensors such as lasers and sound waves, with 3D mapping technology according to the purpose of use.

Corporate Philosophy

To the Sky, For the Future

Leverage Geospatial Information and Air Mobility

  • Continuous growth while helping resolve societal issues.
  • Earn the trust of our society by having a reputation for safety and high quality.
  • Train and utilize personnel while collectively advancing technology and skills.

Our previous projects include the construction of Kurobe Dam 4, the Mount Fuji Radar System, and measurements for the Seikan Tunnel.
Our current work relates to the operation and maintenance of social infrastructure
such as air ambulances, power plants, railways, roads, and airports,
and we are also taking on challenging new projects,
such as next-generation air mobility (including flying cars) and virtual spaces.
Our work and the technologies we develop contribute to a safe and secure society.
The conviction and passion to open up new paths for the future is part of our corporate identity, passed down from previous generations.
With our sincere commitment to our SDG initiatives, safety, and high quality,
our goal is to be a company trusted and supported by our clients and our society.

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  • 業務の様子
  • 業務の様子

Aero Asahi Group Charter of
Corporate Behavior

As of November 1, 2022,

Our business is built on Safety in aviation, ground transportation, information, and labor; Quality; and Compliance.

We aim to achieve continuous economic growth and to contribute to the resolution of social problems by providing high-quality products and services using our ever-advancing technology and skills.

We promote responsible procurement via reasonable transactions carried out ethically, fairly, and within a free competition framework.

We conduct our social initiatives with reconstruction activities that maintain infrastructure and resolve social problems in areas such as health, hygiene, disaster prevention, disaster damage mitigation, and the environment.

We disclose corporate information appropriately and engage in constructive communication with our stakeholders.

We conduct our business activities while respecting the human rights of people around the world.

We communicate with our clients to provide appropriate information related to our products and services.

We create a comfortable office environment with awareness of health, safety, and the elimination of harassment.

We consider having a goal and working to resolve issues as essential conditions for our business.

We conduct thorough crisis management, preventing any dealings with anti-social forces and preparing countermeasures for terrorism, cyber-attacks, and natural disasters.

We construct effective systems for corporate governance. If circumstances arise that could damage public trust in our company, top management will take the initiative to identify the cause, resolve the issue, and prevent recurrence.