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You can download and enjoy the original contents
on this page for private use.

PC Wallpaper

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Various images of our aircraft and buildings associated with AAC are available as wallpaper that you can change monthly.

960×960size →

1280×1024size →

1366×768size →

1920×1200size →


Four photos and illustrations have been created as screensavers that you
can download and use on your PC.

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Download →

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Download →

Download Instructions

  • 1. Click [Download].
  • 2. Select [Execute].
  • 3. To start your download, click [Continue]. To quit, click [Cancel].
  • 4. If you selected [Continue], your download begins.
  • 5. When your download is complete, [Finish] appears,
    therefore click it to end the download procedure.

Smartphone Wallpaper

We have images of our more popular aircraft!
Download wallpaper images of the size that fits your smartphone.

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How to Download to Smartphones

  • 1. Tap the desired size button and save the image on your smartphone.
  • 2. Select the image from your image folder and set it as your wallpaper from the settings menu.
  • * The setting procedure may differ depending on the type of smartphone you use.

How to Download to the iPhone5

  • 1. Tap the desired size button.
  • 2. The selected image will appear in a new window, so touch and hold the image, and select [Save Image] from the menu that appears.
  • 3 The image is saved on your iPhone5, so tap [Photos] on your home screen and select the image.
  • 4. Tap the arrow-in-the-box button at the bottom of the screen and select [Use as Wallpaper].
  • 5. Set the image as your wallpaper.

Paper Aircraft

Explore the aviation world with paper aircraft.

Mini Calendar

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