About Our Services

Based on our business jet and helicopter charter services,
we have established our presence in the global market by building trust with our customers.
With our varied in-flight services and ground handling services,
we always serve you a comfortable and cozy journey.

About our services

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In-Flight Service

Varied in-flight services photo

Varied In-Flight Services

During your flight, meals and drinks are served
by a crew according to your requests.
We hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable journey. 

Safe and comfortable enplaning service photo

Safe and Comfortable Onboard Service

We always give top priority to safety
and meet your needs at the same time by providing quick and flexible services.
We welcome you with warm and thoughtful hospitality.

Ground Handling Service

We offer you comprehensive and comfortable ground handling services.
We help you complete necessary procedures and arrangements
at domestic airports such as application for the use of airport facilities,
customs, entry administration, quarantine, aircraft management, fuel preparation, etc.


Ground handling service

Ground handling service

  • Take-off and landing procedures
  • CIQ (customs, immigration and quarantine) procedures
  • Ground handling services for business jets
  • Aircraft cleaning, refueling and catering
  • Arranging vehicles for guests and crew members
  • VIP lounge

In order to save time required for immigration and security check, we will accompany you between the terminal and the aircraft. A personal assistance is always on call to offer you the best services from departure to arrival.
In addition, the Prefectural Nagoya Airport is equipped with a VIP lounge where you can spend your time relaxing before departure.

Business jet terminal

Business Jet Exclusive Terminal

The Prefectural Nagoya Airport is equipped with the country’s first exclusive terminal for business jets (private jets). The pathway from the terminal to the aircraft is completely separated from commercial flights.
[ Additionally, we have the VIP lounge which locates next to the terminal. You can rest and relax while waiting for departure.

  • Assurance of
  • Quick CIQ
    (customs, immigration and quarantine)
  • Only few tens
    of meters Away from the
    Terminal to the Aircraft

Flight Area

Flight area

Aviation Safety Initiatives
  • websecurity
  • privacymark