About our services

Focusing on business jets and helicopter services,
AERO ASAHI has extended its presence to overseas markets,
a process in which we harvested trusts from numerous guests.
From varied in-flight services to ground services,
we serve guests as usual to ensure a cozy journey.

About our services

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In-flight service

Varied in-flight services photo

Varied in-flight services

On the aircraft, the crew will prepare food and drink in accordance with the guests’ requirements.
We wish every guest a relaxing and enjoyable journey.

Safe and comfortable enplaning service photo

Safe and comfortable enplaning service

We always keep the needs of our guests at the top priority,
and respond to them promptly and flexibly.
We welcome every guest with warm and thoughtful service.

Ground handling service

Our company can help passengers complete formalities in the domestic airports, such as application for use of airport facilities,
customs, entry administration, quarantine, airframe management, fuel preparation, etc.,
in an attempt to offer you comprehensive and comfortable flight services.


Ground handling service

Ground handling service

  • Take-off and landing procedures
  • CIQ (customs, exit and entry, quarantine) procedures
  • Ground supporting services for business jets
  • Aircraft cleaning· refuelling· catering
  • Arrange vehicles for guests and crew members
  • VIP lounge

In order to save the time required for exit and entry procedures and for security check, we guide guests from the airport to the aircraft and then vice visa. Meanwhile, special personnel will be on call to provide the best services from departure to arrival.
In addition, the Prefectural Nagoya Airport is also equipped with VIP lounges where you can kill the time before your departure.

Business jet terminal

Business jet terminal

The Prefectural Nagoya Airport is equipped with the first domestic dedicated terminal for business jets (private jets), and the route from the terminal to the aircraft can be completely separated from those for ordinary passengers.
In addition, the AERO ASAHI VIP lounges are adjacent to the terminal so that guests can rest and relax while waiting for departure.

  • Security
  • Quick CIQ
    (customs, exit and entry, quarantine)
  • Only tens of meters
    from the terminal gate to
    the aircraft

Introduction of
cabin & airframe

C680 Citation Sovereign photo

C680 Citation Sovereign

C680 Citation Sovereign map

Passengers:8 person

  • S-76

    S-76 photo

    S-76 map

    Passengers:8 person

  • Bell430

    Bell430 photo

    Bell430 map

    Passengers:8 person

  • AS355F

    AS355F photo

    AS355F map

    Passengers:5 person

AERO ASAHI provides long-distance medical transportation with business jets and helicopters.

  • Stretcher entrance photo

    Stretcher entrance

  • Business jet stretcher photo

    Business jet stretcher

Flight area

Flight area

Chartered helicopter

For more efficient business meetings For pleasant gathering with family members

  • The shortest path

    The shortest path

    If you need to arrive at the airport in haste for the next business meeting, the good news is that it only takes 20 minutes from the downtown to Narita Airport.

  • Direct arrival

    Direct arrival

    We will send you to the destination or its vicinity.
    We can directly travel to the facilities with parking apron on the ground.

  • Comfortable and pleasant air travel

    Comfortable and pleasant air travel

    To make full use of business travel and private time and to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant air travel, VIP private aircrafts are your first choice.

About facilities with parking apron on the ground

We will send you to the destination or its vicinity. We can directly travel to the facilities with parking apron on the ground.

  • Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa photo

    Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa
    583-1,Nebukawa, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0024

    ※Located within the hotel boundary, two-minute walk from the hotel.

  • Fuji International Speedway photo

    Fuji International Speedway
    Omikami, Oyama, Sunto District, Shizuoka Prefecture, 410-1307

    ※The helipad is in the circular track of the Fuji International Speedway.

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