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Safety Standards

Under the provisions of Paragraph 6, Article 111 of the Aviation Law, we issue and publicize safety-related documents annually. In addition, we are IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aviation Operations) certified operator meeting the same extent of safety standards adopted by other airlines worldwide. We are not only a member of the Japan Business Aircraft Association but also a member of the National Business Aviation Association. We always put safety first and our mission is to ensure safe and pleasant time on the aircraft.

Safety criteria


Our Security Measures Reassure You

Our experienced and trustworthy staff members do our best to make your journey safe and comfortable.

  • Available for business negotiation

    Available for Business Negotiation

    As your flight is private and exclusively conducted, threats such as terrorist attacks and hijacking can be completely avoided.
    A highly private, safe and mobile space is perfect for VIP guests who want to keep their trips confidential.

  • Available for medical service

    Available for Medical Service

    With medical personnel and nurses on board, patients can be transported quickly while lying in bed.

  • For those active on the world stage

    For Global Artists, Athletes, etc.

    Carrying fragile items such as musical instruments, collectibles, precision parts and precious metals for racing requires more strict security measures than normal items. Business jets are definitely the best choice to ease your worries as they allow you to carry these items safely.

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Achievements of
Aviation Industry

In our aviation business, our medical transportation services are second to none in terms of emergency medical care.
We also transport supplies to difficult-to-reach destinations such as mountains and offshore areas,
and even provide services such as aerial photography and information collection for reporting.
Recently, our business jet services are gaining full momentum due to its flexible flight schedule and private spaces.
Our aviation business brings out the best performance of aircrafts.

  • Achievements of AERO ASAHI
  • Achievements of AERO ASAHI
  • Achievements of AERO ASAHI
  • Achievements of AERO ASAHI

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Aviation Safety Initiatives
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