A new fusion of aviation and geospatial information
AERO ASAHI 's start-up: Air Mobility business

Accuracy in survey technique and rich experience in helicopter operations
By combining these two elements, we provide an entirely new business model.


We provide high resolution data with the latest sensor technology.
UAVs equipped with various sensors support all genres, from multi rotor type drones to fixed wing types.

  • 3d laser scanning

    3D laser scanning

    Survey 3D data of the land area in super accuracy. UAV's mobility advantage and detailed point cloud support for various solutions.

  • Green laser scanning measurement

    Green laser scanning measurement

    Enables 3D data survey of water areas (shallow water) that could not be surveyed in the past. UAVs can efficiently survey the data from both land and water areas.

  • UAV consulting

    UAV consulting

    We provide various UAV consulting services, such as suitable flight planning for drones, operation training and manual creation for safe flight operation.

UAVs equipped with various sensors

  • Multicopter equipped with the laser scanner

    Multicopter equipped
    with the laser scanner

  • Unmanned fixed wing equipped with the laser scanner

    Unmanned fixed wing equipped
    with the laser scanner

  • Multicopter equipped with the green laser scanner

    Multicopter equipped
    with the green laser scanner


New mobility "flying cars" are expected in the future.
We also develop advanced services in this field.

Flying cars port consultant

Flying cars port consultant

We provide port consultant services for flying cars by utilizing our experience as a helicopter port consultant and our knowledge of helicopter operation.
We support safe port design and operation by using 3D data.

Participation in NEXTAA

Participation in NEXTAA

We are working on NEXTAA consortium.
As a pioneer of a doctor-heli service in Japan,
We work to enable flying cars for new medical use.


With our knowledge and experience in operating helicopters and UAVs,
we support safe flight operations by using the latest 3D surveying technology.

  • Safe flight operation planner

    Safe flight operation planner

    Clearances with ground objects are essential when creating a flight plan for a UAV. By making a hazardous area model from existing 3D data, we can help you develop a proper flight plan that cannot be safely judged with 2D data.

  • Safe ATM (UTM)・Flight operation training

    Safe ATM (UTM)・Flight operation training

    We are involved in ATM demonstrations for both manned and unmanned aircraft.
    In addition, we are developing safety-related flight operational training, including creating safety standards and manual documents for UAV flight operations.


Other Air Mobility business

The latest terrain by automatic processing for anyone at any time Processing and analysis cloud solution that turns aerial photographs into valuable information

What is "KUMIKI"?

  • What is KUMIKI?

    All you have to do is upload images taken by a drone to a dedicated website, and terrain data can be generated automatically in a short time.

  • What is KUMIKI?

    Anyone can use it easily without any technical knowledge.

  • What is KUMIKI?

    Since the data is processed in the cloud environment, there is no load on the PC.

Main features of "KUMIKI”

Automatic and fast data processing

  • Orthomosaice


  • Contour line DSM

    Contour line DSM

  • Point cloud

    Point cloud

  • Implementation of various survey tools

    Implementation of various survey tools

    Various survey tools are implemented on the website screen, such as distance, height, area, volume, angle, and cross-sectional survey that can be easily used.

  • High-speed display, easy operation, and sharing

    High-speed display, easy operation, and sharing

    Large amounts of data can be displayed smoothly in the cloud environment. You can use it without any stress. The cloud environment allows you to share information when you are away.

  • Easy to download data

    Easy to download data

    You can download the generated data.

    • Ortho photo: GeoTiff, PNG
    • DSM: GeoTiff, PNG
    • Point cloud: LAS

The highest precision in the history of "KUMIKI”

High precision drone survey service KUMIKI PRO

By simply installing the built-in GPS airphoto signal "KUMIKI Marker" at the site, you can generate more accurate terrain data than images taken by your general-purpose drone.
By eliminating the need for specialized works and automating the post-photographic process, the system contributes significantly to the efficiency of operations.

Built-in GPS airphoto signal


  • High precision

    High precision

    You don’t need a dedicated aircraft or local survey and can use your general-purpose drone and the KUMIKI marker to achieve accuracy within ±10cm.
    It can be used for pre-construction surveys and as-built measurement of the i-Construction survey.
    *It depends on GPS observation conditions.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    No special software or technical knowledge is required.
    Automatic shooting and automatic process analysis make it easy for anyone to use.

  • Fast


    Processing of survey data and web-based operation/analysis is fast and smooth.

  • Low cost

    Low cost

    You can start the service with a monthly plan with no initial cost and choose the best plan for you at a low price.

"KUMIKI Marker" built-in GPS airphoto signal

  • Just put it on the site by easy installation and do not need for a ground survey!
  • The automatic survey is completed during the drone's shooting time!
  • The positional precision of the KUMIKI Marker is equivalent to the VRS!
  • It is lightweight and compact and is easy to carry!
Unit size150mm×150mm×100mm
Top panel size270mm×270mm×30mm
Charging time5 hours
SpecificationsDrip-proof specification
Unit weight840g
Top panel weight180g
Power supplyBuilt-in battery (Operation time: 12 hours)

High precision


  • Work plan
  • Marker installation
  • Data acquisition
  • Uploading
  • Image processing
  • Deliverables

KUMIKI and KUMIKI Pro are joint development services with Skymatix, Inc.


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