Sonic2024・GeoSwath Plus

This system can map vast areas of sea floors and riverbeds with each pass.

AAC uses a variety of sounders in order to fully meet the requests of customers. 

This high performance sounder can scan underwater terrains as deep as 300 m.
Unlike earlier single beam systems, it acquires superficial data to a high degree of density and digitally processes all of it.

GeoSwath Plus
1. The wide swath (max. 12x the depth) greatly improves work efficiency.
2. Can acquire side scan data (acoustic reaction of sea floor) at the same time.  
3. Allows swatch angles up to 240˚ that can acquire data near to the water's edge in shallow sea areas.  
4. Data is high density, thus more reliable. 

Principal use
*Echo sounding
Oscillating frequency Sonic2024:200~400kHz
GeoSwath Plus:125kHZ
Lens resolution Sonic2024:1.25cm
GeoSwath Plus:6㎜
Sounding beam Sonic2024 : Cross-fan beam (Narrow multi-beam)
SEABAT8101 : Cross-fan beam (Narrow multi-beam)
GeoSwath Plus : Interferometry
Footprint Sonic2024 : 0.5°×1°(400kHz)
SEABAT8101 : 1.5°×1.5°
GeoSwath Plus : 0.9° bearing (Round-trip beam width)
Swatch angle Sonic2024:10°~160°
GeoSwath Plus:240°
Number of beams Sonic2024 : 256
SEABAT8101 : 100
GeoSwath Plus : -
Max. scanning range Sonic2024 : 500m
SEABAT8101 : 500m
GeoSwath Plus : 200m (Max. scanning depth)