This new mapping system is the result of AAC's extensive experience and proven track record in aircraft operation and spatial information recording.

ALMAPS (Aerial Laser Mapping System) creates topographical maps based on the time it takes to shoot a laser toward the terrain and pick up the bounced back signal. It is far less affected by weather and ground cover than conventional surveys done by aerial photography, and it can effectively acquire digital data from inaccessible slopes and locations that prevent ground surveys. It also incorporates waveform analysis technology that makes it possible to identify subtle differences in terrain that could not be confirmed with earlier methods.

・ALTM ORION M300 laser device made by Optech of Canada
・Laser emission capability: 300 kHz pulsed irradiation
・Digital camera definition: 39MP (IR/VIS)
・Capable of oblique surveying at max. 60˚ when mounted on a helicopter
・Equipped with a waveform digitizer 
・Can be mounted on fixed wings (Vertical line mapping)

Principal use