AeroAsahi propose to fly a private jet to your business destination, Advantage to use a private jet.
# Fly by on your demand schedule, save transit time is very important to your business successful
# Easy to access and anywhere. You do not need to rush airport concourse. Every staff take care of just only for you, everything
#keeps out unauthorized person and secure about your personal things also business classified #enjoys worldwide grummet and wine as your way.
Our aircraft can reach Korea China Taiwan and other attractive Southeast Asia region.
The company has implemented IS-BAO and is honored the Certificate of Registration in 2014.



Unfortunately, some residing abroad and tourist encountered accident or fell ill. In such a case, Aero Asahi can pick up your important person from foreign country.
We can change seat configuration to air ambulance. By the transportation patient to domestic hospital. Patient feels be safe and kind with family and doctor in cabin.
#patient and family is required to sign up a letter of content and submit medical certificate. Please contact AeroAsahi and refer to operation procedures.

Cessna Citation Sovereign-C680

We have Cessna Citation Sovereign-C680.
(We can prepare the other models in accordance with the demand.)

Cessna Citation Sovereign-C680


Cruis Speed : 852km/h
Passenger : 8
Endurance : 5.0h
Range : 5,200km
Engine : Twin


Flight Time:one-way Cost:round trip and one-night and two-days

Select Area

  • Narita International Airport↔New Chitose Airport
    1hour50minutes 6,389,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔New Chitose Airport
    1hour50minutes 6,132,500yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Sendai Airport
    1hour5minutes 4,971,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Sendai Airport
    1hour5minutes 4,714,500yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Niigata Airport
    1hour15minutes 5,213,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Niigata Airport
    1hour15minutes 4,956,500yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Chubu International Airport
    1hour10minutes 3,916,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Chubu International Airport
    1hour10minutes 3,659,500yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Nagoya Airport
    1hour 2,698,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Nagoya Airport
    1hour 2,441,500yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Kansai International Airport
    1hour50minutes 6,082,500yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Kansai International Airport
    1hour50minutes 5,826,000yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Kobe Airport
    1hour45minutes 5,911,500yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Kobe Airport
    1hour45minutes 5,655,000yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Okayama Airport
    1hour35minutes 5,876,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Okayama Airport
    1hour35minutes 5,619,500yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Hiroshima Airport
    1hour50minutes 6,218,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Hiroshima Airport
    1hour50minutes 5,961,500yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Takamatsu Airport
    1hour35minutes 5,876,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Takamatsu Airport
    1hour35minutes 5,619,500yen
  • Narita International Airport↔高知竜馬空港
    1hour45minutes 6,389,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔高知竜馬空港
    1hour45minutes 6,132,500yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Matsuyama Airport
    1hour50minutes 6,389,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Matsuyama Airport
    1hour50minutes 6,132,500yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Fukuoka Airport
    2hour15minutes 6,816,500yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Fukuoka Airport
    2hour15minutes 6,560,000yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Kumamoto Airport
    2hour15minutes 6,902,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Kumamoto Airport
    2hour15minutes 6,645,500yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Kagoshima Airport
    2hour20minutes 6,887,500yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Kagoshima Airport
    2hour20minutes 6,631,000yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Naha Airport
    3hour20minutes 8,697,500yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Naha Airport
    3hour20minutes 8,441,000yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
    2hour50minutes 8,640,200yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Vladivostok
    2hour50minutes 8,469,200yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Seoul
    2hour50minutes 8,162,700yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Saishuu
    2hour50minutes 8,162,700yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Dalian
    3hour30minutes 10,266,200yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Beijing
    4hour10minutes 12,134,200yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Qingdao
    3hour45minutes 10,608,200yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Shanghai
    3hour40minutes 10,266,200yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Hong Kong
    5hour20minutes 13,515,200yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Taipei
    4hour40minutes 11,463,200yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Gaoxiong
    4hour30minutes 11,976,200yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Manila
    5hour30minutes 12,915,200yen

  • Narita International Airport↔Saipan
    3hour50minutes 10,677,700yen
  • Narita International Airport↔Guam
    3hour55minutes 10,848,700yen

# Quick price is not equal to formal quotation. Price would be changed by many terms and condition or requirement from government and other reasons


Ø Cost assembles by round trip and one-night and two-days
Ø Offer includes grand handling fee crew’s trip expense and lodging
Ø Price would be changed by fuel surcharge or other logical reasons without notice.
Ø Price would be charged actual expense by the order of client’s request.

Flight Time

Ø Flight Time shows you by one-way.
Ø Flight time would be changed by seasonal reasons and weather condition
Ø Flight time is equal to Block time in this tool.