We propose you to fly with a private jet to your business destination. Here are benefits to use a private jet.
# Fly on your own schedule- Saving time is very important to make your business successful. When using a private jet, there is no need to rush in the airport terminal. Our staff take care of everything.
# Easy access to your destination- Private jets allow you to move from almost all airports in Japan to your destination directly.
# Secure privacy- By keeping out unauthorized person, it is possible to protect personal and business information.
# In-flight service- You can savor worldwide gourmet and wine as you like.
Our aircrafts can even reach Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan and other attractive Southeast Asian countries.
We are IS-BAO registered and certified as a member of National Business Aviation Association in 2014.



We provide air ambulance for people living abroad or tourists who become ill or get injured.
We can pick up patients from foreign countries and transport them to a domestic hospital by changing seat configuration suitable for air medical service. We ensure the patient and family’s comfort and safety by having medical crews with them.
# The patient and family are required to submit a letter of consent and a medical certificate. Please contact us for more details.


We have Cessna Citation Sovereign-C680.
(We can prepare other models according to your requests.)

Cessna Citation Sovereign-C680


Cruising Speed : 852km/h
Passenger : 8
Endurance : 5.0h
Range : 5,200km
Engine : Twin


Flight Time:one-way Cost:round trip and one-night and two-days

Select Area

  • Haneda International Airport↔New Chitose Airport
    1hour45minutes 6,000,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Sendai Airport
    1hour5minutes 4,500,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Niigata Airport
    1hour10minutes 4,500,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Nagoya Airport
    1hour 4,000,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Kansai International Airport
    1hour30minutes 5,000,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Hiroshima Airport
    1hour40minutes 5,500,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Matsuyama Airport
    1hour45minutes 5,500,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Fukuoka Airport
    2hour5minutes 6,000,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Kagoshima Airport
    2hour10minutes 6,000,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Naha Airport
    3hour20minutes 8,000,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Shimojishima Airport
    3hour 7,500,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
    2hour50minutes 9,200,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Vladivostok
    2hour50minutes 9,000,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Seoul
    2hour50minutes 8,700,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Saishuu
    2hour50minutes 8,700,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Dalian
    3hour30minutes 11,800,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Beijing
    4hour10minutes 12,700,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Qingdao
    3hour45minutes 11,000,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Shanghai
    3hour40minutes 10,800,000yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Hong Kong
    5hour20minutes 14,000,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Taipei
    4hour40minutes 11,463,200yen
  • Haneda International Airport↔Gaoxiong
    4hour30minutes 11,976,200yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Manila
    5hour30minutes 13,500,000yen

  • Haneda International Airport↔Saipan
    3hour50minutes Coming soon
  • Haneda International Airport↔Guam
    3hour55minutes Coming soon

# Please note that the formal quotation may differ from the estimate shown above. Price may vary depending on terms and condition, requirements from the government, or other reasons.


Ø Price is for round trip (one-night and two-days).
Ø Price includes ground handling fee and crew’s travel and accommodation expenses.
Ø Price may vary depending on fuel surcharge or other logical reasons without notice.
Ø Actual expenses may be charged in accordance with your requests.

Flight Time

Ø Flight time indicated is for one-way.
Ø Flight time may change depending on seasonal reasons or weather condition.
Ø Flight time indicated here shows block time.